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Three Ways to Pay

1. To order The Orion Zone with your credit card, call Ancient American magazine at this toll-free number: 1 (877) 494-0044.

2. For a signed copy, send a money order or check in the amount of $21.95 (U.S. dollars) +  $3.00 S & H to:

Island Hills Books
P.O. Box 4282
Chino Valley, AZ   86323-4282  USA

For immediate shipping, money order or cashier's check preferred. Order held until personal check clears. For bulk orders, wholesale discounts available. E-mail IHB for prices. The Universal Currency Converter  (Hit back button to return to this Web page.) Please print out this form, complete it and send with payment. Thank you!

Your Name_______________________________________

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E-mail address:____________________________________ 
(For communication only. We do not sell or distribute e-mail addresses.)

Use PayPal
to order a signed copy of the book. 

  Log in to your PayPal account at
      If you are using PayPal for the first time, sign up for a new account.
2.   Click the Send Money tab.
3.   a. In the Recipient's Email box, enter
      b. In the Amount box, list the total amount of your order,
          including shipping & handling charges. (See above.)
      c. In Currency menu, select U.S. Dollars.
      d. In Category of Purchase menu, select Goods (other).
      e. In the Email Subject box, type PayPal Order.
      f. In the Note box, type your postal mailing address.
        (This box is not optional. Please include your address.)
         Then type the number of books you wish to order.
4. Submit the PayPal form, and the credit card amount you specified
    will be transferred to Island Hills Books' PayPal account.
    That same day we will receive an e-mail notification from PayPal,
    and we will promptly send out your order.

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