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The time: 1100 A.D. The place: the Arizona desert. The mystery: an emerging pattern of pueblo villages mirrors all the major stars of the Orion constellation. Packed with maps, diagrams, astronomical charts, and photos of ruins and rock art, The Orion Zone explores this terrestrial-celestial relationship and its astounding global significance.

“At a time when the 'star religions' of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and
Mayans are coming to light, Gary A. David's research and insightfulness add a
greater depth of understanding to what was known about the sky by the ancient
Anasazi and Hopi Indians of the American Southwest. In the same brilliant spirit
of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, David proves again and again the
importance of Orion and other constellations to the earliest people on Earth. His
book in turn makes a valuable contribution to our spiritual unfolding in modern
Page Bryant, psychic, teacher, and author of Spiritwalking and The
Second Coming of the Star Gods

“The correlation Mr. David makes between the Hopi and Egyptian 'sky view' is
most interesting.”
Robert Bauval, co-author of The Orion Mystery and The
Message of the Sphinx

"Gary David had found the mirrored, proportioned locations of all the major stars of Orion exactly on the ground, centered at Anasazi and Hopi ruins and sacred sites! Not only that, but he has found Solstice lines that run parallel to many of the Orion star sightings that also run through Anasazi and Hopi sites! Not only that, but he has found a "chakra" line that runs down the center of Orion straight through major sites! The left part of Orion's arm passes through a portion of the Grand Canyon also." Barry McEwen, from "Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon: Smoking Guns and Psychic Fuel"

“Gary has made a marvelous and insightful contribution to the history of the Hopi
Indians with his ongoing research in Arizona... His work is unique and shows the
pre-Columbian cross-cultural knowledge, that was shared by the peoples of the
world in prehistory, was extant in Arizona with the Hopi.”
Crichton E M Miller,
author of The Golden Thread of Time

"His work offers an exciting and refreshing new view of history, people and the importance of the stars (star peoples) in the essential development of their cultures... and now the possibility of reforging the essential connection. This has broad implications." Lane Badger, publisher of Four Corners magazine

“I have examined the Arizona-Orion ground-sky relationship, and I must say that I
find this work intriguing. It is worth pursuing to very end.”
Andrew Collins, author
of From the Ashes of Angels and Gods of Eden

-The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest
          by Gary A. David is now available.

-Published by Hayriver Press (a division of Ancient American magazine).
-333 pages, perfect-bound trade paperback.
-Cover art work and design by Jack Andrews.
-Includes 57 photos of ancient ruins, rock art, diagrams, astronomical charts,
           and maps, plus 40 pages of notes and references.
-$21.95 USD + $3.00 Shipping & Handling

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Here are just some of the questions raised in The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest.

• How does the constellation Orion correspond to the configuration of Anasazi ruins and Hopi villages in the American Southwest?

• How do the solstice sunrise and sunset points determine the interrelationship of these villages?

• What is the function of the chakra system that energizes what may be called the "terrestrial Orion"?

• What is the purpose of the stone tablets or maps given to the Anasazi at the onset of their long migration period?

• How did the supernova explosion of A.D. 1054 and the volcanic eruption of A.D. 1064 influence these migrations?

• What prompted the Anasazi to follow stars or other celestial objects, and why did these people finally settle so far from a reliable source of water?

• What is the relationship between Chaco Canyon, the largest ruin site in the Four Corners region, and Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens?

• What are the ancient Hopi connections to Mexico, the South Pacific, and India?

• What do the name Arizona and the name Orion have in common?

• What is the archetypal relationship between this constellation and Masau’u, the Hopi god of the Earth, death, and the Underworld?

• Why does this primary Hopi deity (whose name literally means “gray”) resemble contemporary representations of extraterrestrial Greys?

• What do the references in Hopi mythology to mysterious “flying shields” signify?

• What does a particular star in the left hand of Orion have to do with the origin of the Anasazi?

• Why does the right hand of the "terrestrial Orion" point to the city of Phoenix?

• How did the Knights Templar and Freemasonry influence the American Southwest?l

• What are the implications of an apparent worldwide Orion legacy found in diverse cultures and ages?

The Sky-Ground Correlation Theory

Similar to the Giza Orion correlation that forms part of an ancient global network, the Arizona Orion correlation is verified by both Anasazi archaeological evidence and Hopi ceremonial/mythological lore. In the process we arrive at some startling conclusions about the Four Corners region of the United States.

In essence,
the constellation Orion provides the template by which the Anasazi (or Hisatsinom, i.e., ancestral pueblo people) determined their villages' locations during a migration period lasting centuries. Spiritually mandated by a god the Hopi call Masau'u (also spelled Masaw, sometimes seen as a katsina, or kachina), this "terrestrial Orion" closely mirrors its celestial counterpart, with prehistoric "cities" corresponding to every major star in the constellation. By its specific orientation the sidereal pattern projected upon the Arizona desert also encodes various sunrise and sunset points of both summer and winter solstices. Although this configuration extends to a number of contiguous constellations, a central flux of ley line energy occurs along a series of ancient pueblo sites and geoglyphs ranging from southwestern Colorado to the mouth of the Colorado River. This indicates the functional chakra system of Orion as reflected in the transfigured Earth. "As above, so below."

The Author

By analyzing geodetic alignments of pueblo ruins, photographing rock art, correlating indigenous cultural motifs, and utilizing astronomical computer programs to determine star positions in the ancient past, Mr. David has produced
an intuitively provocative yet rigorously researched treatise. In doing so, he participates in an ideological movement that is currently shattering conventional paradigms of human history and evolution.

The Upshot

The world
suddenly has become far different than our previous assumptions about it would ever have admitted. The uniformitarian paradigm of slow, gradual, steady progression from simple, primitive societies to more complex, highly refined civilizations no longer explains the evidence now coming to light. To account for schemata such as astral-terrestrial correlations, some theorists are beginning to posit both catastrophism and diffusionism as major influences in the development of diverse ancient cultures around the globe. For many people, in fact, the paradigm shift has already occurred.

Helical magnetic field
around Orion Molecular Cloud (see article)

• See Maps of the Orion Zone.

 See Chapter Titles and Synopses, Illustrations.

• See Overview of the Arizona Orion Correlation.

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You can now download for free the following articles by Gary A. David published in Atlantis Rising magazine.: "Star Cities of Arizona: Is There an Orion Connection?" (Issue 37), "Tracking the Ancient Indian Snake Dance" (Issue 41), "Secrets of the Round Towers," (Issue 46), and "The Ant People Of Orion" (Isssue 48). All of these full issues are generously provided in PDF format at the AR web site. (Adobe Reader needed. Free downlaod.) Of course, Atlantis Rising would be happy if you bought a hard copy of the magazine too, available from Barnes & Noble and other newsstands.

Go to the simple and uncluttered but rich and fascinating World-Mysteries Web site for Gary David's articles "An Orion Correlation in Arizona."  and "A Dilemma of Horns."

See David's "Carving the Cosmos," Part 1 and Part 2 at ViewZone online magazine.

Go to his article called "Meteor Crater: Arizona's First Bonanza?" at Farshores Web site. Also see an overview Orion article on the Ancient Mysteries section of Farshores.

Read David's essay "Along the 33rd Parallel: A Global Mystery Circle" in the newly published anthology titled UNDERGROUND! The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History. This book is finely designed and produced with a wonderful range of authors.

In the December/January 2006 issue of Four Corners magazine my article called "Spiral Gate: The Arc of the Covenant" appeared. (PDF format-- Adobe Reader needed) This article contains material not found in my recently published book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest. By the way, this hard copy/online magazine published in Sedona, Arizona also features an interview with Graham Hancock about his new book.

Order back issues from Ancient American magazine with the following articles by Gary A. David: "'As Above, So Below' in Ancient Arizona" (Issue # 46), and "Arizona's Mystery Mesa: A Masonic Temple at the Hopis' 13th Century Village" (Issue # 49).


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